Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Marriage (Or finding your other half)

This entry is in part inspired by Mr Wang's analysis on marriage and the slew of articles from Channelnewsasia and Today. (Both are part of Mediacorp News.)

Interesting bits (to me) from the Media cock corp ones:

Two decades ago, men used to get hitched when they were about 28.5 years old and women, at 25.4 years old.

10 years ago, this increased to 30.6 for men, and 27.1 for women.

But last year, the mean age of Singapore grooms was 32.4 years and that of the brides was 28.6.

Good, this means that my marriage age will be considered average when my time comes. Heh heh, take that! nosey relatives who dare to poke me with such questions during CNY. Then again, why should I care? It's my life to lead, not theirs.

More than 16,100 Singapore men got married last year, but only about 12,500 of them to Singaporean women.

The rest - some 3,500 - took foreign brides.

Hmm, interesting, but set against Singapore's backdrop as a global city, does one's nationality matter? These guys could well also be marrying Malaysians, Indonesians, Americans, Brits etc who are long time local residents (aka PRs).

Other news: It's GREAT to be back on the dating scene, especially after the hypothetical not-so-ideal previous ones.

This time, it's the same building, not half-a-world away. Hopefully next year can see the moon together and not get the SAP curse.

Keeping my fingers crossed. Some friends say she has the RGS look.


thecrazzybugger said...

good luck! :)

-ben said...

There is this great joke:

You know those annoyingly nosey old relatives who used to nudge me at weddings quipping, "You're next!"?

Well, they stopped doing that after I returned the favor at funerals.