Friday, December 02, 2005

More bang for your buck?

The image below came to my mind when I read loiseaurebelle's irresponsibility.

coat of arms
The more appropriate coat-of-arms, esp for many US public universities (at the undergraduate level)

UNIVERSITIES the world over love symbols, from medieval scholastic garb at degree ceremonies to the owls, martlets, chevrons and scrolls of scholastic heraldry. But for many universities, especially in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, a more accurate emblem would include slummy buildings, dog-eared books and demoralised dons. - The Economist, Jan 22nd 2004

Be glad at least that you are not in a European school.

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Kevin said...

That school crest rocks... where do I sign up?!?

Perhaps a difference between institutions across continents might be a matter of traditional versus modernist thinking. I tend to find U.S. universities more progressive in their approach to education. What do you think?