Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Code Breakers (ESPN)

Kevin was asking me if I would be interested in compiling a list of official videos of US universities attended by Singaporeans to add to his site. Unfortunately, I have to decline.

But don't fret! I just got to know that ESPN would be airing one of their original movies, Code Breakers, starting this Saturday Dec 10 (9pm ET) on ESPN and ESPNHD. It is based on a true story (of the expulsion of a group of football players) set in the early 1950s at West Point.

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Duty, Honor, Country. What happens when one of these is at odds with the others? What do you do?

Go watch, if you are considering an institution that combines OCS with NUS and want a SAF scholarship (The only way for Singaporeans to get admitted). The cadets' uniforms remind me of the board game Stratego, very Napoleonic.

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Kevin said...

I thought it'd be fun to see what other universities are like.
- Kevin