Thursday, December 22, 2005

PSC Scholar siamed NS and broke bond

Thanks for the tip. I am surprised that you have chosen academia. The pianist got a fine; I am wondering what you will get if you ever set foot on Singapore soil. Unlike him who left Temasek's shores when he was 12, you left Singapore with a PSC scholarship in hand to one of America's finest universities and an early disruption from your NSF duties.

Do you know that many of your JC peers hold you in contempt?

Well, I hope you will be as big a name in academia as he is in music when you are past 40. Maybe then you can also return be invited home as a prodigal son with no danger of being sent to camp in No.4 or a holiday visit to the Changi resort. And how was your relationship with the American girl that I heard you were dating? Are you married to her already? I am curious to know if one can renew his Singapore passport if he defaulted on his National Service. Will he be stateless then?

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Beach-yi said...

Now this fella is different from Melvyn Tan. Melvyn Tan received barely as much as a primary school education before he left Singapore, therefore, the amount of benefits acrued to him from the state, ergo, people of Singapore is small.

However this PSC ex Scholar is different, he had received a sizeable benefit from the country, best education available and best opportunities available. So what if he had paid back the bond, does matter not. He should just tell people he's from Malaysia if he ever come across other Singaporeans.

No wonder his peers hold him in contempt.