Sunday, December 18, 2005

Streaking at UC Berkeley; Melvin replies

Reminds me of American Pie, Old School and Road Trip...

Go streakers! (NWS) :P

Tip: -ben


I feel honored to have Melvin reply to this blog. The list grows...


Valerie said...

hey this is Valerie who was tomorrowed. thanks for commenting at my blog.

Karolinka said...

elo :) nice blog :) I lost comment... and read rest notes.

Karolinka said...

'heyah' -once again :)
yes, matura is the high school leaving exam in Poland.
We must taking POLISH, FOREIGN LANGUAGE and ONE OTHER mandatory SUBJECT (you chose maths, biology, geographic etc..) but If you want... or If you need you can taking more subjects.
After High school I want to go for PSYCHOLOGY profil so I think I will write polish, english, and biology or history... I dont know yet... the problem is that on one PLACE in that school there is 14 students, thats horrible... its very difficult to have enough points to go there... but I will try :)
and how it look like in your country?