Thursday, December 15, 2005

Singapore K-12 Miscellaneous; HKPolyU Bra studies; Nerdy girl outfits

This entry is a link dump.

K-12 issues:

1. Of scholarships and elite/independent schools vs neighborhood schools. Increase in fees for elite schools. (PDF to original article)

2. (Over)Tuition in Singapore, How to be a better tuition teacher.

3. RJC (again). mrsbudak's and yanling's experiences. Bad results in JC probably won't put you in too much of a disadvantage later in life.

Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Intimate Apparel (ie Bra studies)

Hong Kong's Polytechnic University now offers a degree in bra studies (termed euphemistically as 'Intimate Apparel'). Hat tip: The WSJ.

Diana Eng

I tend to gravitate towards girls who wears glasses and college sweatshirts. Beauty and Brains (Nov 30 entry) perhaps? The comments too. As opposed to this one.
Hat tip: Kevin.

Image Hosted by
MIT sweatshirt and glasses

Edit: A reader shares her pic (in a Harvard T-shirt).

Me: Doesn't look as cool as a sweatshirt leh.


Alwyn said...

that's an interesting social theory.. very interesting..yet i can agree with you on that perspective... girls in university sweatshirts (esp ivy league or top 20 uni ones) and little metal framed postmodern glasses...its interesting.. very interesting...

i wonder if we get a good number of such people in research laboratories? You tell me...

takchek said...

Definitely, you just have to search. They exist, even in male dominated colleges like MIT and Caltech.

Like Tracey Ho for example. (Unfortunately she's already taken).

You just have to strike while the iron's hot. LOL

faith-t said...

oooh! the specs with the oh so casual sweats... its like.. what arae you wearing under those sweats?! oooh.. hawt hawt!