Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays

I was tempted to wish readers "Merry X'mas and Happy New Year", as I have had always done in previous years to my family and friends via email, online chats, over the phone or face-to-face meetings. But at the same time, I realise that this is a little not-so-politically-correct (PC) in the 21st century, where there will be some of the non-Christian faith(s) who will get upset. (BTW, I am not a Christian).

For those not in the know, there is currently a big debate in the US right now over the use of "Happy Holidays" in place of "Merry X'mas" by retailers and the government agencies/leaders. There is also that of the "intelligent design" thingy, which I will not go into.

Anyway, whatever your faith(s) is, take the time to reflect on what you had or had not done for the past year, and make new resolutions for the next one. I am sure everyone will enjoy the holiday season. Time to feast and go traveling!

solstice sign
The fine print says "Freedom from Religion Foundation."

Readers can probably draw their own conclusions with the above signboard. I personally think that it is unwarranted, and highly offensive to those of us who do celebrate the X'mas season even when we are non-Christians. Imagine calling the Christmas Tree the Holiday Tree, and have the sign placed next to the tree in the major malls and government buildings. I think P.C.ness have gone too far.

Have a warm and safe winter break for those of you out on the roads and in the air.

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