Monday, April 12, 2010

Nuclear energy for Singapore?

It seems like Singapore is going ahead with plans for a possible nuclear power plant. EMA is now planning to start a feasibility study on the use of nuclear energy as a possible long term energy solution.

Energy Planning & Development Division

Senior Analyst / Analyst and Senior Engineer / Engineer
(Policy & Planning Department)
Project Management - Nuclear Energy Feasibility Study

You will be responsible for planning and managing the conduct of a technical and economic feasibility study on nuclear energy, with a view to enhancing our understanding of it as a possible long-term energy option. This involves liaising with relevant stakeholders within the energy sector, and working with independent consultants and international organizations to perform environmental, safety, security, financing, legal, regulatory and other relevant analyses in support of the study. You will be responsible for interfacing and coordinating with a range of government agencies in Singapore for the feasibility study, and drawing up appropriate policy implications for Singapore. Your work will also involve the building of contacts and relationships with the relevant energy companies and regulatory bodies in the nuclear sector, in order to accelerate our understanding of the industry.

Candidates for the Senior Analyst / Analyst Position should possess a good honours degree in Economics, Business or Engineering while candidates for the Senior Engineer / Engineer, should possess a good graduate/post-graduate degree in Nuclear Engineering, Nuclear/Atomic Science or Nuclear/Atomic Physics. Those with experience in the field of energy/energy-related industries, technologies, R&D, operations, market research and project management would have an advantage. You should be a team player with strong analytical, writing, communications and coordination skills.

Closing Date: 16 Apr 2010

There aren't that many Singaporeans with expertise in nuclear engineering (Will EMA hire foreigners then?); even the US is facing an acute shortage of nuclear scientists and engineers.

I hope they will be open in their consultations with the public on the issue especially with regards to safety and security. It sounds like a terrible idea on so many levels, offhand I can already list three - the island is located along an important international shipping lane (one of the busiest ports in the world); it is densely packed (3rd highest in the world); and a target for terrorists. Not to mention the possible objections from neighboring countries. NIMBY!