Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Empty Nest Syndrome

It is always...trying (for lack of a better word that I can think of) when calling home during the festive season. Invariably the conversation topic (with the old matriarch, OM) will end up on the question of whether I will be going home for the holidays; if so, when and if not, why. With a cousin and me in the US, another in Australia, and a son (my uncle) and his family settling in HK, it is not hard for me to understand why she feels that way.

An excerpt

OM (婆): 这个新年有回来吗?
我: 上课,不回了。
婆: 你们啊,一个一个出国后就不回。外面很好(meh)? 现在过年是越来越静, 每个都不在家。我们在家的,都为 你们担心。

I am sorry I cannot make it in time for the Chinese New Year. But I will go back during the summer. I promise.

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