Wednesday, August 01, 2007



Upcoming Weekend Dinner Korean lunch invitation, accepted;
The Simpsons Movie (Ed: last minute switch to Hairspray) on Saturday, accepted;
Long chats on the phone and MSN, becoming regular.

Continue to slog for the company. The moolah's decent, but I am getting disillusioned with the work.

She got the intra-company transfer offer - to relocate to a state to the west of mine.

她: 我的希望就是做米虫,真的,想得越多越发现不会思考;不去想太多,那是多么好的一件事! 就因为是工科博士毕业,做米虫又太浪费。早知高中毕业后就选文科当教师,一个平稳朝九晚五的工作, 又能留在台湾。



From: takchek's advisor (TA)
To: takchek

FYI - post doc opps at (national lab)


From: TA's friend [mailto:taf@(national-lab).gov]
To: TA
Subject: Post Doc Opportunities

I hope you are well. Don't forget to submit your abstract to the symposium!
We have a couple of post-doc opportunities up here at (national lab). If you have anyone coming down the pipe who would be interested, please let me know.



takchek, you have to choose again. Soon.

*The lab's on the east coast.

"OH, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet..."


What would you recommend giving the girl for her birthday?

Why is giving her cash/gift card a bad idea? They are most versatile and practical, no?

Female friend:

no lah..don't..insincere. give something flowers or accessories.

Sometimes I don't understand women. Really.


National Day is coming, and this song is making me feel emo. More so when I read these.


But, quoting BL:

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson, you find the present tense and the past perfect.

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sunny flowery said...

Gift card is a good idea leh