Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Roundup

My car was broken into early Saturday morning RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE, just before I was about to leave for my road trip to California. The mp3 CD player was removed from the center console, together with the little drawer that housed my spare change. Thankfully my glove compartment had nothing valuable to steal. But what pained me the most was the loss of a CD (a birthday gift) from her.

That bugger better die a horrible death. Arsehole.

Coincidentally, I received this from another (girl, :P) on Friday night.

Gained one, lost one in a matter of hours.


The traffic in LA was just crazy with jams everywhere. Apparently it is worse on weekdays. But seeing the beach is enough to make you forget the traffic woes.

Santa Monica beach

Caltech has the feel of a small, cozy condominium complex. It is just so...pretty.

Reminded me of the old Katong Convent primary, where I had my Speech and Drama lessons when I was very young.


Even the fences are geeky.

And that gun!


aglassofwine said...

that sucks! haha, but bet that present made up for it eh?

takchek said...

No. Both are presents from different girls. They all have a place in my heart. haha.

I am still so bloody pissed with that car-burglar. Don't let me catch him - I will make sure his balls get fried.

Hyperchondriac said...

you took S&D at KC primary too? what a small world! Were you still there when they switched from Guildhall to LCM and then to LAMDA?

03S17 said...

Your neighbourhood looks peaceful enough, sucks to be burglarised!

Vivienne said...

Maybe that's heaven's way of hinting to you that it's about time to close one chapter and move on to a new one? Sometimes, events that challenge the status quo may just turn you into the right direction.