Friday, August 10, 2007

Marriage no different from BGR

One of my JC classmates (S.) has separated from her husband. She was the first in the class to get married 7 years ago. She now also holds the record for being the first (and hopefully the last) to divorce.

tk says: How are you and your hubby? You two have kids?

S says: We separated for a while. Now divorced.

tk says: Oops, sorry to hear that.

S says: ok la, not much different, I am used to being alone. Our marriage was a long distance one for 7 years. But I think in terms of character he is still the best. I hope that one day we can be together again but it is too difficult.

tk says: If you don't mind me asking, is long distance the cause?

S says: Long distance + no communication at all. Well he is not my type - I am very talkative. Therefore even though when I called him he did not talk much. Long distance would never be problem if both parties cared for each other and have a common interest.

I didn't probe more. She is based in Hong Kong, while her ex-husband was one of the stat board scholars bonded for 8 years to the organization.

Am shocked. I mean - you read about the divorce rate rising in the papers, but the significance only hits you when you know a peer or a relative going/had gone through the process.


k3\/ said...

ooh. nice aircraft carrier. I wonder if it is Nimitz class.

aiya long distance relationship better than no relationship at all right?

takchek said...

Yes it is. USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)

Taken from:

-ben said...

Nods. I have seen more than 5 dissolve that way so far. I was nearly a victim myself (i.e. dragged down the altar with an incompatible partner and sure to divorce sometime in future). Thank goodness I had the good sense to bail.

So, when idiots try to use the appeal to fear tactic on me: "Aren't you afraid you would be lonely in future? You won't have anyone to talk to, or anyone to care for, etc.," I reply: "Yeah, but I won't have any alimony to pay either. Next better player step up, please!"