Sunday, August 19, 2007


(Dragon) Lee says Singapore needs more bilingual, bicultural talents.

...Besides nurturing more bilingual and bicultural talents in school, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) is also helping to promote Mandarin.

The Chamber is setting up a new club called 'Business China', which will bring together businessmen, professionals, young entrepreneurs and students who are interested in China, to network, interact and discuss important issues in Mandarin.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has agreed to be its Patron and Deputy Prime Minister Wong Kan Seng and other ministers will serve as advisers.

I laughed. As I im-ed cognitive dissonance: "I learnt more about China and Taiwan (as well as improved my Mandarin) when I was trying to date girls from those countries, than from my 10 years in SAP schools".

I had to get out of the country to rekindle my interest in the Chinese language and culture. Isn't that great?


A compatriot hosted an alcohol tasting session for a group of us at his place last night. Wines, along with roasted peanuts, baguette and curry chicken (he had brought primataste from Singapore) made us happy campers.

We had loads of fun listening to theme songs from old school Chinese drama serials, watching a Singapore-made movie - Jack Neo's Just Follow Law and debating about our favorite characters from 金庸's 武侠小说.


What stood out was that all the Singaporeans present except one were guys, and their other halves (if they have one) were from elsewhere. It was an international (all Asian) group.


On the occasion of the National Day Rally, I dedicate this song to my Singaporean readers. I hope you still believe in the Singapore Dream.

星月 by Mavis Hee

在你怀中一起成长 我的世界 我的梦想
每次向天空仰望 星光闪耀月儿弯
牵引无穷尽的幻想 在我心中迎风昂然飘扬
我的梦让我勇敢 是你给我力量

星月照亮我前方 一路上永远有希望
像明灯一盏 越暗越是明亮
星月照亮我前方 于是我拥有信心和温暖
愿一切与你分享 星月常伴

在你光辉中我成长 我的朋友 我的家园
飞得多远心中依然 星光闪耀月儿弯
童年无穷尽的理想 在我天空迎风昂然飘扬
每个梦让我勇敢 是你给我力量

星月照亮我前方 一路上永远有希望
像明灯一盏 越暗越是灿烂
星月照亮我前方 于是我拥有信心和温暖
愿一切与你分享 星月常伴

我的梦 星月常伴

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imp said...

i think i belong to a group who doesn't think that there's a thing called the Singapore Dream.

to us, it's plain economics and we're here because of its solid infrastructure. i'm too practical, i won't give up that singapore citizenship i'm so lucky to be born with. being born in this country gave me alot of choices that i wouldn't otherwise have in others. the irony is- i have the choice to leave anytime should i tire of the lifestyle.