Tuesday, August 07, 2007

If Love can be bought,

will you buy it? The video is available here.

"People look for love and will pay anything for it, even when they know they are being deceived and in turn deceiving. If you could capture the business model documented in this film into an online social network, you'd have something worth easily 10 times the projected value of Facebook." - Eduardo Sciammarella

Taken from Boing Boing.

(Ed: The guys look kinda...feminine, like straight out from animae. And they get the hot chicks.)

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ashke said...

"There is a raw charisma that through a sort of natural selection tends to be present in a successful host. The hosts experience reminded me of my experience when working with astronauts at N.A.S.A. They were a special and talented group of people who could be counted on to handle intense, prolonged, interpersonal contact and be friendly and cool despite the stress and being in a noisy space ship."

From the Director's Statement