Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Note to Self

When speaking to the girl you are interested in, stop being so self-conscious! Furthermore, the operating principle of the SEM is a completely neutral topic and is a piece of equipment that you are so throughly familiar with.

Granted, you were trying to explain that to her in Mandarin, but she had already said it was OK to describe in English. Why did you make a clown out of yourself by continuing to "hee-haw" in Chinese?

It is no wonder she left the conversation with a puzzled look, and will probably question how you can call yourself an expert user.

*Shakes head*

takchek, you are such a klutz.


the girl with the thorn in her side said...

*shakes head*

You need to be more confident!

Ask me lah. I give you tips.

Anonymous said...

hehe. 华语 Cool!

anyway perhaps you came off as bumbling and endearing.

ivan said...

no worries i'm sure there are plenty of opportunities to make up for the 'mistake'.

and who knows, you might come across as bumbling and endearing (as what samuraibunny said).