Monday, October 09, 2006

What I learnt this weekend

Quick roundup:

1. My younger cousin is getting married and the date has been fixed for May next year. I wrote about her elder sister earlier. Naturally, the party on the other end of the line was asking me "when is my turn?" I have no answer.

2. Getting married/settling down in Singapore is expensive. Makes it worse if the bride's mother is insisting on reserving 20 wedding tables just for her side of the family. Then there is the HDB flat which almost everyone I know who got married will 'buy' and go into debt for the next x number of years. Guess they aren't this lucky.

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L'oiseau rebelle said...

On the other hand, even if you don't get married, you'll eventually need to buy a place to live. Unless you wish to live with your parents forever. So singles can still go into debt for the next x years. Not everyone's as lucky as you ;-)

My solution is, of course, to work bloody damn hard to move to a place where the cost of living and wages are actually in sync.

takchek said...

At least in most other places, the house/apartment isn't on a 99-year lease.

daftbitch said...

Didn't your dad dangle a big fat carrot right in front of you, in return of you getting married? Minimal debt.

generally, the wedding dinner is well covered by the ang pows, after my years of being a wedding planner.

There're also plenty of 999 or freehold properties in Singapore, it's all about balancing your expectations of housing. Then again, is HDB that bad? Hmmm.. takchek takchek, balance your expectations...
and like daddy said : find a nice chinese girl, and settle down... in Singapore...