Friday, October 20, 2006

Marriage and Grad School

Getting hitched helps with your time to graduation too.


Continuing on with Kelvin's analogy (straight couples); if women are like universities, then men can be compared to college applicants.

The most desirable women - ivy schools with too many qualified applicants. Can afford to cherry pick.

The most desirable men - valedictorians with impressive academic and extracurricular results. Basically a shoo-in to any school they apply to.

On the bottom end of the scale:

Some women can be compared to community colleges: basically accept anyone who apply to them.

Men - the 'C' students. Although if his background/family is like the Bush family, he can still get into the Ivies (like Yale).


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Love is a Bohemian child that never recognizes any laws... -- L'Havanaise from Carmen

SM said...

Community colleges?! That is so un-PC :p