Saturday, July 01, 2006

My balls bigger than yours

*Ranting ahead*

So I called home this morning. 大姑妈 and her family happened to drop by our place. There is a fine line between being proud of your kid(s) and showing them off in front of your relatives.

The first thing I heard over the phone was: Eh, your cousin T. has just received notification for promotion to V-P leh.

Me: Wow, congrats!

大姑妈: Yeah. Fast right? She's been in teaching for only ~8 years and now she's being promoted again. (Emphasis hers) She's been HOD for only 2 years. So how many more years before you graduate ah?

Me: Oh, (?) more years.

大姑妈: Don't worry lah, you will graduate soon and earn big bucks ok?

Me: ...


T. is one of the cousins I am closer to and I am really happy for her. I felt bad for being unable to attend her wedding (damn NS!), and later the birth of her son (I was already in the US). Coming from a family of teachers, I say that she is probably on the fast-track (high flyer?), since she is just past 30 and joined the teaching service after her college education in the UK. She is also lucky (from what I heard from 大姑妈) to have been posted to relatively good schools and has supportive principals.

But.I.just.cannot.stand.大姑妈. She was always coming over to ask/compare my grades with T. (though I am a few years younger), and later the schools/colleges we attended. So T. is rising fast in her career and is happily married with kids, while I am still stuck in school and single. Not a trophy child eh?


MOE's career track


gecko said...

I can tell you as a fact that there are people in the system promoted beyond principalship who don't deserve to be there because they have qualities of showmanship and PR more than true qualities of leadership.

In any organisation, reputation precedes the person. Word-of-mouth can cut both ways.

So what if you are VP or P leh? :-)

takchek said...

The same in the army, isn't it? And pretty much everywhere else. What matters is how well your superiors think of you.

gecko said...

Indeed. That is so true.