Sunday, July 16, 2006

The "I am Singaporean" meme revisited

Runebab and oceanshaft had been asking if I will *write* the "I am Singaporean" meme. Apparently this doesn't count.

Well, sorry to disappoint you both; I really have nothing to say about being a Singaporean.

Read this guy's (Joseph) account then.

Choice bits:

Where is my sense of ownership of Singapore? Where has my emotional attachment to Singapore gone? Why do I not care if Singapore lives or dies tomorrow?


I think I've finally pinpointed it down to one major reason for this lack of sense of belonging.

The lack of a voice.

If you have a voice that will be heard by the government of your country, you will have a sense of ownership of your country.

If you have an opinion that wants to be heard, and a role and a part to play, you will feel an attachment to this country of yours.

If you want to change things, and you know that if the system allowed for such changes if you tried, you would feel a sense of ownership of this country where the system represents the voice of the people.

But Singapore is not this country.

The government called for an inclusive and more open country in the National Day Rally speech in 2004. This call was contradicted again, and again, and again. And again until there was such a deep breach of trust.

I've seen, read, heard, and experienced too many stories where people tried to change the system to allow more voices to be heard and received flak for it. Where people tried to have their voices heard and received a swift clampdown for their efforts. All for the love of their country and their desire to improve it. But what did they receive?


You have a generation of Singaporeans who are well provided for, and now calls for something more. A voice to be heard.

Until this voice can be heard, the exodus continues.

Tip: Val.


Anonymous said...

And even if voices are heard I will still go.

Sinkieporeans suck.

smazh said...

Hahaha, you could always write a "I am Singaporean ... not" piece, or a "I was Singaporean" piece.