Thursday, September 21, 2006

Carrots for returning home

What a coincidence to see PS's entry:

...But of course I’m not bitter, not even when my dad feels like he has to entice me to get married by offering to ease off giving a portion of my salary to my parents. 50% reduction if I marry, he says, and 100% cessation if I marry a nice Chinese boy in Singapore. Kinda similar to the government’s tactics to try encourage Singaporeans to have babies, by giving them tax breaks, no?

Sweet deal, but try beating this:

"...I will GIVE you the house if you come back to work and settle down (Ed: with a nice Sg Chinese girl) in Singapore."

Note: A HOUSE (in a choice location no less), although not a detached one. :)

Haha, I can really forget about doing the stereotypical Singaporean way of proposing by asking my other half to get a HDB flat. Not that I want to (buy a HDB) anyway.

Good deal? Look at the terms first. It is really like those Sg govt. scholarships - they come with bonds.

Sigh. Or rather, bleahz.

Edit (24 Sep): jhuprincess' take on this issue.


Peishan said...

haha, your parents win. maybe i shld tell my parents.... and see if they'll up the stake.

L'oiseau rebelle said...

Maybe my folks should meet your folks. And then ps's folks. Doesn't hurt to get some brilliant ideas into their heads, n'est-ce pas?

Does marrying a Singaporean Chinese boy with U.S. permanent residency count? And hold the wedding in Singapore?

On the other hand, the ski slopes....

samuraibunny said...

um. are you going to give in though?

a house is a MASSIVE incentive but what if you prefer nice not-chinese girls, or something. is it really that difficult to just say no? what wld u be able to do in sg with your phd ?!?!

semi-unrelated question (you dont hv to answer if u deem it too nosey) but have you found your passion??

smazh said...

What can I say? Wow... :)

Peishan said...

hm, l'ois... even if it came down to staying in a shack in colorado, i'd still choose it over holing up in a swanky house in singapore anytime. :D

but to answer you second question, haha, in my parents' eyes, yep, that would most certainly count... partways.

takchek said...

I second that! What's a empty shell of a house, if there's little for me to do what I want to do in Singapore?

(And there's the NS crap...)

L'oiseau rebelle said...

Quality of life doesn't equal the possession of a house in a swanky district. I think I have a better quality of life now than I was in Singapore, even though I live in an apartment, pay my own rent, work for my dough, and do my own laundry. On the other hand, I can use the resources of this state to do almost anything I want, whether it's attempting to learn Russian or skiing.

PS: A shack on the Front Range... sounds like a plan. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nice incentives!
All my parents do is to email me recruitment ads of (govt) positions in Sg, especially MOE ones. "Sec school teacher is the best! Otherwise what are you going to do with a history phd?"
Well, it's 2010 and difficult to get a tenure-track in US but... still... go back Sg... Didn't dare tell them I apply everywhere, including U of Alaska. just not Sg.