Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why Singaporean girls

(Edit 11.20pm): Partially to pre-empt people from asking "Why Singaporean girls?" (Since we are in a grobal world mah):

Both my friend and I have significant others who grew up near each of us. Having a preference for people of similar background is natural, but automatically crossing out people because they're from a different culture or background reeks of insularity. - loiseaurebelle

I quote from an unidentified girl's blog:

While I would not want to overgeneralize that all inter-racial relationships would fall into such unfortunate (Ed: Referring to some kind of domestic quarrel) situations, I still showed her my support and said, "Yeah, it can be difficult at times because of two different cultures clashing." And she said, "It's not only the cultures. It's the values as well."

I knew what she meant by that. My mom had always told me that when I marry, I do not only marry my husband. I also indirectly marry into his family and be integrated into his family culture and his family values, and he in mine. And of course, successful integration is key.

Lest anyone accuse me of being a bigot, let's just say I dated Indonesian and French girls before and I know how hard it is to bridge across cultures and values.

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