Sunday, June 04, 2006

What my ideal other half should be...for nomogamosis

Talk about being kiasu; thanks to Kevin's suggestion and Peishan's coincidental post, I went to get my FREE personality profiling test of what my other half should be. Any recommendations from you anonymous readers?

To be honest I do not really believe in such computer matching tests, but the majority of the descriptions below do fit the girls I had dated.


takchek's Compatibility Profile Summary

No person can be fully described or defined by a few short sentences. However, here are several of the most important characteristics revealed by your eHarmony Compatibility Profile that you should keep in mind as you search for your ideal mate:

Some of your ideal mate strongest personality characteristics are:

She tends to be very interested in understanding why things happen.

She enjoys knowing and learning about new things.

She likes it when she can do something the right way the first time.

She sometimes likes to get out and try new things.

Some important qualities that your ideal partner brings to the relationship are:

Even when something bothers her she tends to be even-tempered.

She enjoys telling or laughing at jokes sometimes.

Most of her friends and acquaintances consider her a happy and energetic person.

She can enjoy sharing her experiences and stories with others.

Important goals and values for your ideal mate in a relationship are:

She likes spending time with family and relatives.

Sharing parenting values and ideas is important to her.

She may have some strong religious views that are very important to who she is.

Personal values are important to her.


The rest are too long to be posted here, but some of the more important interesting ones (considering the title of this blog):

Intellect: Your ideal mate is creative, rational and quick-witted. She generally makes decisions by gathering the relevant data, putting it into context and weighing the options. Other people might see her as someone who "overthinks" life, but she thinks it's important to come to logically supported conclusions. She has a wide variety of interests, such as science, philosophy and history.

Education: Your ideal mate is someone who believes that schooling is an important part of success. She is proud of her education and spent many years working for her academic accomplishments. She places a high value on academic learning and wants to find a partner who has a similar background.

Industry: You are most compatible with someone who works hard but avoids bringing too much stress and worry home. She likes to stay busy, but she doesn't need to fill every moment of every day with some task or chore. She's generally efficient, persistent and productive, but she doesn't obsess over making lists of things to do or accomplish.

Family Background: Your ideal mate is someone who had a good childhood. Like most people, her family had problems, but it was healthy overall. Her expectations of relationship are realistic, and she will understand if you don't always get along with your family.


Since I like to play Scrabble so much, the word of the day:

nomogamosis: Marriage between persons highly suitable for each other.

Its antonym?

cagamosis: An unhappy state of marriage.

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Kevin said...

Takchek, doesn't eHarmony rawk!?! I got so many (older) friends who's tried it and are damn happy like monkey now. This one ah, better than SDU lah! Hope you find someone soon... better find now wait later no more stock ah! Later bo pian, find ah-mah also can! :D