Wednesday, June 14, 2006

On the hiring of Ang Moh teachers by MOE to teach English

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For the background and some perspectives on this issue, go read here, here and here.

The (now) (in)famous ad in the Guardian:

Location: Asia & Australasia
Date posted: 15 May 2006
Closing date: 15 Jun 2006

Ministry of Education
Moulding the Future of Our Nation

Be Different.
Teach in Singapore.

The Ministry of Education (Singapore) is looking for experienced, qualified native speakers of English to teach English as a first language, English Literature, Geography, History, Knowledge and Inquiry

We are looking for teachers who:
- Hold a relevant degree in English Language or Humanities (e.g. English Literature, Geography, History, etc.)
- Have a recognised Teaching Certificate in teaching English (e.g. PGCE, TESOL, TEFL, etc.) or relevant teaching subject (e.g. Geography, History, etc.)

Newly qualified teachers are encouraged to apply but they MUST have completed the induction year.

You can look forward to:
- An attractive remuneration package (including medical and dental benefits, and bonus upon successful completion of contract), depending on qualifications and verifiable working experience
- Relocation allowance (one-time baggage and lodging allowance, free economy air passage for candidate, spouse and 2 children below the age of 18 to Singapore on first appointment)
- Return air passage upon successful completion of contract
- Interest-free settling-in loan

You can view the video recording of our online career seminar held on 23 April 2006 on the website.

All terms and conditions are subject to review and change from time to time without prior notification. The Ministry of Education (Singapore) reserves the right to decide on the terms and conditions to be offered. No reasons will be provided for selection and non-selection of candidates.

Important thing to note: The education minister Tharman only disclosed this to the public on 10 June, while the ad appeared in the UK newspaper on 15 May.

Question: Given the increasing racial diversity in the Anglophone West, would the Indians/Chinese/blacks born there (i.e native born) be eligible to apply?

Now, can someone send me the link to that picture of "Jobs for foreigners, NS for S'poreans"? I would like to put it up for this entry.

Edit (22 June): Found it.


Peishan said...

Interesting. the govt doesn't think our command of english is strong enough?? pfft. those certs they mentioned don't mean anything. half the people who hold them and who go abroad to teach english can't even write well, let alone teach it.

samuraibunny said...

i never quite understood this "white supremacy" thing when it comes to sg's idea of english standards, considering how poor the literacy rate in some of these angmoh countries is.

case in point..
guy: i dont know the exact address, the place is called "unique tattoos". check phonebook?
me: u-n-i-q-u-e? one word no special variations?
guy: um .. [obviously flummoxed]
me: um .. unique as in special?
guy: oh! yes =)