Monday, June 19, 2006

Day 2 Quick Update

I spent the morning at The Academy, and was pleasantly surprised that the driving time (one way) was only 75 minutes. Since it is both an undergraduate college and a US military facility, many areas of the campus are off limits to visitors. It also offers a spectacular view of the Rockies, and has two landmarks - a hulking B-52 monument at its entrance (this aircraft participated in the Vietnam War) and the toblerone-like Cadet Chapel.

Gateway to the United States Air Force Academy


USAFA's distinctive Protestant chapel

Cross as Sword

Parade Ground, USAFA

I might actually gave the state capital a miss, and the air here is very dry. I am now drinking twice as much water than I did prior to my arrival.

What a coincidence (It's like the past and present colliding):

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