Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Life Choices III

1. The company wants my decision soon. As in REALLY SOON. I don't know what is wrong with me. I seem to be dragging my feet on this matter. Friends have been telling me to take it and spice up my resume (and money). After all, this is NOT a bond, and I am free to switch company (and industry) later.

One thing I am good at is PROCRASTINATION. History repeats itself.

2. My folks are asking me again about my graduation - come back for good and start looking for a job (and wife) in Singapore lah. They have no idea about my job applications. Heh.

The Civil War is long in coming. The question at hand is a simple one, full autonomy, the separation of a member from the Family to work/live overseas.

It has become a divisive issue because there developed significant social, cultural and economic differences between the younger members and the elders. The older generation, conservative, patriarchal, parochial and authoritative, sees their interests threatened as the younglings become increasingly worldly, mobile and liberal. Complicating the issue is the fact that the member in question is the only son, the crown jewel in the Empress Dowager and the Patriarch's eyes.

Prior civil discussions had turned into shouting matches, with both sides exchanging harsh words. Compromise was several times attempted by the Matriarch, but each time came to naught. The fundamental issue is individual freedom, but the Elders have no wish to see their male descendant stay overseas.

Analysts have predicted the issue will come to a boil soon (this year or next) without any reasonable solution or compromise. The lines are drawn, the tinder ready. All it takes to fire will be one spark.

3. Congratulations. I had wanted to pass the drawing below to you but I thought it was not very appropriate. Glad to know you are now happy, and thanks for asking about my well-being.


Biao said...

If there's one thing I learnt from my numerous years (2) in the industry, it's that if a company wants you then they won't mind waiting for your answer. They just want an answer fast because they need you to get cracking on some project of theirs or maybe because they're afraid you might find a better company.

One possibility though is that they have only a limited time to hire someone and they need to do it before upper management takes their money away from them. I love bureaucracy.

sugarami said...

dooThe war's gooing to start sooner or later. You know you can't avoid it right??? No wonder you're thinking every night.

ashke said...


Much huggies... Good luck...