Thursday, February 01, 2007

Déjà vu

I remember my post-A level days. All those flashy, glossy scholarship brochures screaming for your attention:

"Apply to us and be set on the path to success in Singapore Inc!"
"Get a headstart over your peers!"
"Attend (Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, MIT etc) for free!" etc etc

Even though I had absolutely no REAL idea what those organizations/companies do. All I saw then, was the chance to go to some elite-sounding, Ang Moh university on someone's account.

Two years ago, I turned down an offer to go to Santa Clara after getting my Masters. A friend said I was crazy. Good location, very decent pay and "you said NO?!" She was literally screaming into my ear.

And now. An opening in Arizona. I must say the terms are quite obscene. Right up there with the management consultants in terms of compensation (after adjusting for cost of living). But it is not in an industry I want to go to, although the location is a BIG plus factor.

The places where I really want to go to are in other states. Where I would gladly take them up even if they will be paying only half of what this company is offering for me in AZ.

One thing's for sure though. My folks won't be happy. None at all. And I am keeping mum until the deed is signed and confirmed.

Choices, choices, choices.

Friend: "what about starting a family and stuff <- going for that?"
Me: "with that kind of money, I think I can afford to BUY a bride. With plenty left over"


sugarami said...

Life is about choices. If you really don't want that particular job, then go and look out for more job opportunities. I'm sure if you try applying for more, there'll be more choices popping up.

And yeah, not only can you buy bride, you can buys brideS. Hoho. One for each day of the week?

takchek said...

Well, I am applying for others. Just that they are now playing the waiting game with me.

Peishan said...

well at the end of the day, you have to figure out if career or lifestyle is more impt to you. don't forget though, that more than half your time will be spent on your career, so you better not hate it.

L'oiseau rebelle said...

Well, Amy and Peishan have already said what I want to say, except one: you want to move to Arizona? With 100 degree summers?!?!

Anyway, location is as important as the job, since the location, to some extent, determines your lifestyle. (Although I bet if you move to Colorado, you will be bored stiff since you don't ski, hike, climb, raft, etc.)

Oh well, the choices we have to make. The trick is to find the right balance of pay, job satisfaction and location. And availability of pretty Chinese girls.

As for your folks, as I've told you before, they can't fly to America and drag you back to Singapore by force.

Paladin said...

nope, but singaporean folks are experts at playing the game of Giving-Our-Kids-A-Bad-Conscience. Haha

L'oiseau rebelle said...

paladin: And over the years, I've also developed the ability to blank out what my folks say. For example,

"But why are you moving to Colorado when you don't already have a job there?" (Read: why don't you move back to Singapore instead?)

"Well, if I don't even attempt to look for a job there, I'll never be able to live in Colorado."

And I got a job within two months of my move.