Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Mergers, Aquisitions, Breakups and State Intervention

Blogs/websites I have been chewing my thoughts on these past few days:

1. Singapore girls - a challenge to love

2. peishan

3. kitana

4. simplyjen

5. angeline

6. ringisei

7. tym

8. anthony

9. ashke

10. gabriel

11. mollymeek

12. Mr Wang I, II

The first thing that came to my mind, however, was the first line of the Hymn to the Soviet Union.

Permanent Union of Free Republics


What's the main purpose of a relationship/marriage again?

Quote of the Day:

One emotional man said online: “I’m fed up with life. Can’t even find a date let alone a wife.” For him and the rest, salvation lies in Vietnam or China. - littlespeck

Edit: Spider's take, plus two new ones I found: Singapore-city-zen, and sg_ljers.


aglassofwine said...

Singaporean girl - a challenge to love?

One observation that particularly struck me was - when we lament about the changes to the traditional structure of marriage, we typically do so from a male point of view. The poor Singaporean man has to head overseas to find a bride? Why do we not approach it from a woman's point of view? Does the woman not have a choice in her mate? In this day and age, it is as much a woman's choosing as a man... maybe, it's not so much that the Singaporean male is put off by the alpha-female, but that the alpha female is simply not attracted to him? ;)

takchek said...

Basically males are getting left behind, be it in school or the workplace. Not just in Sg, but also in America, UK and other European countries.

Of the Singapore (undergrad) exchange students in the department, there are no guys at all. This is an engineering discipline. Sad. Very sad.

airdancer said...

this might be of interest

"In fact, Barnett's new study of dual-earner couples, based on data from the 1990s, found that as the wife worked more, the husband's view of the quality of his marriage actually improved."