Saturday, February 03, 2007

CHICAGO CITYLIGHTS; SSA Alliance; Work Singapore

Someone forwarded this to my mailbox. I wonder who would actually turn up (for those outside of the Upper Midwest).

Dear All,

The University of Chicago SAMSU Singaporean Society is proud to present Citylights 2007: Stand-up for Singapore! SAT, 24 FEB 2007
Ticket Price: US$25

This year's programme in brief (please see attached banner):

3-5pm at the Map Room, I House.

SYMPOSIUM (International House, 5pm)
Hossan Leong will be giving a talk about the comedy scene in Singapore and what it is like to be a comedian.

DINNER & PRE-SHOW SEGMENT (International House, 6:30pm)
Included in the ticket price.
Featuring mouth-watering dishes from home such as chicken rice, beef rendang and chicken curry. Also featuring the lovely sounds of our home-grown a cappella group grooving to the likes of Kit Chan, as well as the funky moves of our dance group!

STAND-UP COMEDY (International House, 8:30pm)
Featuring Hossan Leong. He can act! He can sing! While playing piano!!
Aaand, he's funny too!!

AFTERPARTY (Location TBA, 11:00pm onwards; SINGAPOREANS and invite-only)
Our chance to party, have fun and show everyone how it's really done, SINGAPORE-style!

This is an annual event organised by SAMSU SS to bring Singaporeans all over the US to meet and bond over Singaporean Culture! Previous years have seen us bringing in politicians, filmmakers and musicians to speak about Singaporean issues at the UofC (refer to for more details).

This year, SAMSU will be featuring local talent Hossan Leong in a stand-up comedy performance, as well as an a cappella group and a dance group featuring our very own SAMSU members!

If any Singaporeans would like to request for cheap accommodation within Hyde Park, SAMSU SS will be able to provide it, if you email as soon as possible.

We hope to see you there!

For any queries, please email

Shahidah Abdul Rashid
SAMSU Singaporean Society
External Relations Chair


Then there was a link to this "College Scope/SSA Alliance". Smells very suspicious. I have become too cynical of any initiative that could have a (Sg) government hand behind it.

Remember this? Here is the answer to that MOM questionnaire.

"Work Singapore is a job and internship portal targeted at graduates of good universities outside of Singapore who wish to work in our dynamic and cosmopolitan island city.Singapore residents who are looking for work at home are especially welcome.

The Singapore economy is currently experiencing robust growth and many premium companies are hiring. There isn't a better time than now to start your career in one of Asia's most vibrant cities!

Work Singapore will officially be launched on 1 March 2007. The portal is now open for registrations. Once you are registered, you will get updates of the most current news about the portal including jobs and internships that are of interest to you. Do visit thewebsite and check it out!"

Maybe I should suggest that readers follow Mr Wang's blog to clear the spin. It is amazing how ignorant some Singaporeans (students) overseas are when it comes to home issues.


Darth Solarion said...

College Scope was started by a bunch of guys from University of Michigan. All the fellas at the head are all UMich people.

felumpfus said...

AHA! I knew it sounded familiar. They spammed me once with their mission statement: "College Scope is a student initiative recently founded here at the U of M. It aims to strengthen ties between Singaporean students in top colleges in the United States and Singapore-based corporations and statutory boards through multiple economic and social avenues. In line with this mission, there are plans to hold recruitment events both in Singapore and the United States. It is our hope that College Scope would benefit both corporations and students in a win-win outcome."
They have a website too. Of course, they've cleaned up a lot of the offensive stuff since it was set up originally... no more of that "join us the elite group" nonsense. I probably still have the e-mail archived, though...

aglassofwine said...

i got that email too. i might just go if i don't have anything else going on that day, which i highly doubt, since im already choosing between three/four potential things to do.

haha, but i was one of the organizers of the second citylights! :)

L'oiseau rebelle said...

felumpfus: I recall that email! Too bad I deleted it, I should have saved it. I was too disgusted, especially since I sort of knew most of the people involved (they were mostly from my batch at Michigan).

Now that I'm in Colorado, I won't be expecting them to be holding any events near me any time soon.... unless they're planning a ski trip at the same time. But then, they ski on some dumpster hill in northern Michigan and spam everyone (myself included, even though I'm an alumnus) about the event. Someone please take me off your mailing list!

I still haven't fathomed the great yearnings of many of my countrymen back in college to spam everyone about every thing you can think of. I recall an email one Saturday to the effect of "Hey guys, that was a blow out party we had last night... We downed X bottles of hard liquor and blasted the music and destroyed the peace of the whole neighborhood... But we held our imitation of a frat party! Yay!"