Tuesday, March 06, 2007

4As Sad, 2As Happy

The New Paper on Monday had three articles on last year's A levels results. There was this focus on some RJC students being embarrassed to get 'just' 4As.

Do we attend school to get educated, or to ace some standardized exam? Granted, in Singapore's context, one's performance that exam might make or break him/her (like a place in the first choice course in the local university or a PSC scholarship, Ha!), but what difference does it make between (AAAA A1 DDM) and (AAAA A1 DDD)? Geez.


Biao said...

I bought a used Beemer, crashed it (not my fault), and paid off my student loans with the insurance money. Thankfully I still had the 11 year old Civic I bought in 2002. I still drive that today.

What did that teach me? Generous insurance payouts from destroying overpriced European cars are profitable.

takchek said...

The Civic has a special place in my heart. I love that zippy little car!

Michael Cho said...

Hey takchek

My name is Michael Cho, and I've been following your blog closely for quite a long time now (as many of your blog posts are very relevant to me). Just wanna say good job and I hope you'd keep writing.

PS: Good luck with your job decision :) Oh, and drop me an email at micoolcho21 at gmail dot com if you wanna chat more~

michael cho

Michelle said...

hi takchek.. I read those articles and I am quite appalled. I was very happy with my 4As at A level but it sure doesn't feel very exclusive in RJ. Sometimes I think getting a scholarship is actually a huge liability, but at age 18 I suppose you don't really know any better.