Saturday, April 07, 2007

Stanford's Parody of Harvard's Econs; Aqua Harp; H1-B Quota

Taken from Greg Mankiw's blog - Stanford econs students' parody of Harvard's 2006 recruitment ad.


Animusic's Aqua Harp reminded me of my childhood teens' visits the Singapore Science Center's planetarium. You know, the kind of music they would play while you waited for the show to start.

The background of the MV fits too - ...a serene setting -- a cross between a water garden and a planetarium.

The first thing that caught my eye was the visible harmonics on the harp.


Lottery for the H1-Bs. This is just getting so crazy.

Points to note - 1. Students who have Masters or Doctorate degrees from US institutions are eligible for a further quota of 20,000.

2. Institutes of higher education and research (e.g Universities, research labs); Related or affiliated nonprofit entity; or Nonprofit or government research organizations are NOT subjected to the H1-B hiring cap.

3. Singapore citizens are eligible to file for the H1-B1 visa, which has its own 5,400 (separate) quota. The H1-B1 however does not allow you to apply for a green card.

Edit (8 Apr): Peishan's case.


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Yeah, but you can renew the H1-B1 indefinitely until you strike the H1-B lottery.

And you can apply for the V visa on the H1-B1.

Melvin said...

The problem of course is proving nonimmigrant intent, which would become increasingly difficult with each passing year on the H1B1.

L'oiseau rebelle said...

Well my H1-B1 app just got approved and there was nothing on my documents about non-immigrant intent.

takchek said...

But this doesn't negate the fact that the H1-B1 is a non-immigrant visa.

Anyway, your SO is already a Green Card holder.

Melvin said...

The issue of nonimmigrant intent is more closely scrutinized when the visa is processed by US consulate, as opposed to the USCIS.

While one may adjust to H1-B1 visa status from F-1 OPT while in the US, one will eventually need to apply for the H1-B1 visa stamp at a consulate in order to return to the US from an overseas trip.

Peishan said...

i have just renewed my h1b1, but it's annoying cos i don't want to have to pay the lawyer fees every year to renew it, and i dont think my company will appreciate doing that very much either. and i'd like the option of applying for the green card if i want. bleah. hopefully my masters will be useful for something after all.

L'oiseau rebelle said...

I hate stupid bureaucracies. The whole purpose of a bureaucracy is to perpetuate the bureaucracy.

Anyway, I've confirmed with my lawyer that I don't need to get the visa stamp if I don't plan to travel internationally. Italy next year may be nice, but I don't need to travel abroad in the next year. I can content myself with travelling around the state and the country. In the next three months, I've already plans for San Francisco, Glenwood Springs and Mesa Verde National Park. America, especially the West, can be a very interesting place unless you need bright neon to be entertained. It does help that international travel isn't required for my job. (Heck, I don't think my industry exists in many countries in the first place...)

Visa regulations are goddamn annoying, but I guess we just have to work our lives around them. Bleah. That's the way life is I guess: an optimization problem, given a set of parameters (i.e. restrictions).

takchek: yes, when I told my SO about the H1-B crap, his first response was, "So when are you going to buy me the diamond ring?"

If he hadn't qualified the type of ring, I would have given him Z/4.

ps: can you be considered under the masters degree exemptions?

Qwerty said...

I have to say that I'm enormously impressed by all you US immigration law experts.

I'm currently on F1 OPT and I expect to get my H1B (not H1B1) approved next week. As you know, the H1B would only be valid beginning October 1. While I may now rely on my job offer letter and OPT employment card for re-entry to the US, I have been told that it's not advisible to leave the US before October 1. Is there any truth to this?

takchek said...

Yep, I was told that too after my BS degree. The best people to ask for advice would be your alma mater's Office of International Students and Scholars.

It sucks big time if you are denied permission for re-entry.