Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bitter Asian Males Part II

Is this a pan-Asian phenomenon?

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you will say. Sour grapes; Loser. I don't have a very good impression of Asian female-white male couples.

On a side note, a female reader was telling me of how difficult it is to find a non-Christian English-speaking Chinese male in Singapore. She thinks there is a direct correlation between the language one is most comfortable with and his/her religion.

Edit (11 Apr): Paper on Mate Preferences and Online Matching Outcomes. Tip: Ray. Money is good - can 'buy' one love. Just like "good governance".


Her Royal Highness Eileen the Idle of London by the Bow said...

I think all of us speak some English and would qualify as English speaking. Those who sound more comfortable in the language are mostly christians. However the liberal sprinklings of Americanisms in everyday use blur the distinction.

Hyperchondriac said...

and what about asian guys who date white girls? shouldn't there be the same animosity?

Indiana said...

The act of getting angry when someone does not date you or someone of their own race is an act of racism.

It begins from a position of both superiority and entitlement, and includes the belief that women of your race are "owned" by the men of that race.

Women like men, are attracted to whomever they are...we all have a "type" and to get angry when someone who would never be attracted to you anyway dates someone else is really wasting your own energy and emotion.

Aren't the feelings of animosity simply the manisfestation of jealousy...and to suggest as the link does, to not date a woman who has ever dated a white guy is, simply, moronic.

L'oiseau rebelle said...

It's difficult to find non-Christian English-speaking Chinese male in Singapore?!? Where is she looking?

-ben said...

Ah, how quaint! An Asian anti-miscegenist!

Isn't it hilarious that this are the same individuals who complain about racism when they study / work / live in US / Europe?

Diagnosis: massive insecurity complex.

-ben said...


In some categories of interracial marriage, there are distinct gender-related trends. More than twice as many black men marry white women as vice versa, and about three-fourths of white-Asian marriages involve white men and Asian women.

C.N. Le, a Vietnamese-American who teaches sociology at the University of Massachusetts, says the pattern has created some friction in Asian-American communities.

"Some of the men view the women marrying whites as sellouts, and a lot of Asian women say, 'Well, we would want to date you more, but a lot of you are sexist or patriarchal,'" said Le, who attributes the friction in part to gender stereotypes of Asians that have been perpetuated by American films and TV shows.

Source: "Interracial marriages surge across U.S."