Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Price of Mobility

To be frank, I am getting a little tired of Grad School - the numerous unexpected problems that derail and set back apparently simple experiments. Situations like presence of static electrical charges even on grounded samples, adverse effect of outside weather conditions on operation of indoor equipment,...the list goes on.

This, plus the fact that I am a little apprehensive of heading to industry and the hassle (albeit temporary) of arranging for the move to another state, has given me many sleepless nights. I have settled into a comfortable little cocoon in school and there is the fear of the unknown. New city, new friends, new boss, new housemates.

I realize all my work experiences so far have the term 'research' - be it in the US, Japan, or Singapore. The social side remains the same - I move alone. Hence my envy in seeing my labmate leave together with his wife.



sugarami said...

Take it easy, one step at a time? Maybe you'll meet your SO at the new place. :)

Kite said...

Not to be too mean, but there is a price for everything, in your case to get a PhD. I have a lot of PhD friends including some at the cornland university, and I don't think anyone escapes from paying the price. Think also about the ex who chose a super-ambitious PhD, and then has to choose between giving up her identity/family/friends / financial independence and giving up what looks like a super self-centred PhD boyfriend.

As the MBA, I am paying the MBA price as well, but it may already be sunk cost in my case since I used to date the super dream / ambition chaser ... just that it is a different dream than mine.

HRH Eileen the Idle of London by the Bow said...

congrats and all the best! pity you will not be blogging often: would be great to read about moving to a new place.

New place = new people = you ren pei index increases.