Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The American Dream

Like the many international students who want to work and contribute to their host country after graduation, I wonder if the US government would one day adopt immigration policies similar to Singapore's. But of course chances of it happening is slim. Unlike the latter, most of the foreign students do wish to be given the chance to settle down and sink their roots here in America.

Isn't the US is the land of freedom and opportunities? Then I look at how fast the H1-B visa ran out this year and the situations of the undocumented college students, I think the freedom and opportunities are mostly belong to those who have legal status. Then my next question is, why is it so difficult for some people to acquire a legal status? I think it is the issue of having an abundance vs. scarcity mindset. If you believe the resources of a country will be depleted when there are more people in a country, of course you don't want too many people to "share the pie" with you, right? - Right-minded Actuary

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yync said...

Thanks for the link! From what I know about the Singapore immigration policy, if you accepted a government scholarship for college, you have a "bond" to work in Singapore for 6 years. Even if you don't have a government scholarship and pay for your own to study in a local universities, you are still obligated to work in Singapore for 3 years.

I think the intention of this policy is good- to give the students a chance to contribute to the society. Yet, one should not against a person's free will.

Y at Right-minded-Actuary