Thursday, April 12, 2007

The 2006 Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs

I am glad to be able to participate in an important survey. This sort of comes full circle - I remember selecting my institutions (both undergraduate and graduate schools) based partly on NRC's list. It is time they update the data from the '93 study.

Dear takchek:

You were recently selected by your doctorate program at University name deleted to participate in the National Research Councils 2006 Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs. This assessment, conducted about once every 10 years, collects information about U.S. research doctorate programs. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete. For completing the questionnaire, we will send you $15 as a token of our appreciation These data will help students like yourself, to select a doctoral program that best suits them.

To complete the Survey Questionnaire, go to:
Your login information is: deleted

If you experience technical difficulties, email us immediately at . Please include your name and the name of your institution so that we can respond promptly.

As I have said earlier, if only I have the same good fortune when it comes to winning the green card lottery.

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