Friday, January 13, 2006

What a Wacky World; Annapolis

1. To have a blogger friend (we have yet to meet in real life) asking if it is OK for her to come visit. I thought it was a joke so I said "yes". (Ed: I mean, who would actually take the trans-continental flight to visit a stranger? It is long enough to give some passengers DVT. Not to mention the costs.) The next thing I knew day she gave me her flight details. Talk about on a very short notice. Now I have to plan on bringing her around before she returns to Singapore. Invited her to attend a special lecture (on the role of scientists in the modern society; a timely one given the Korean stem cell scandal) as an alternative to the usual 'storm the outlet malls' kinda activities that Singaporeans here in the US are quite well-known for. She, erm, actually accepted the offer. (Ed: I think there will still be trips to the mall.)

She: Yay! Something new for a change!

Me: That's the thing about colleges and universities. They always have distinguished external speakers coming to give talks. On anything from the latest nanotechnology trends to current global security issues like Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program. Plus they are usually open to the public at no charge. Just that most folks cannot be bothered or are not interested.

National parks too. I love to see the sunrise/sunset. Will probably do so during the weekend.

The first question my kaypoh friends asked: She 'chio' a not?

Me: You say leh?

This blog has fans readers willing to go the distance. Literally. That is scary.

2. To see an Asian (I was unable to ascertain her ethnicity; was she Chinese, Korean or Japanese?) dressed in a Japanese schoolgirl-style uniform on a US campus. (Think Gogo Yubari of Kill Bill fame.) Short skirt and long socks. Outside temperature? Around 12 centigrade. Reminds me of the time when I was in Nippon. She made my head turn. Heh.

To double check, I found that there was no cosplay event planned in school today. Not that I know of any in the past. Latest fad?


In December West Point was featured in the movies. This month it is the Navy's turn.

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Shall be expecting the Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine to be shown on the big screen soon. Hopefully.


serendipity said...

good for you dude!!!

then again, pictures can be deceiving! what more, the pic being so dark and small.


update more abt it yea

good luck. And dun succumb to temptation.

mr.udders said...

eh hello! that's rubbish. you should succumb to whatever pleases you alright. you only live once dammit!