Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Legend

Aeons ago, before the issue of shaming 'scholarship' bondbreakers became public, a certain individual made it to the final round of a scholarship interview. All that stood between her and a fully sponsored overseas undergraduate education was a the man.

The session did not go very long before it ended abruptly. He had issues with her family background. Along the lines of having too much money being upper middle class. A high chance of bondbreaking. So she just stood up, did away with the common courtesies and retorted:

You are right. I do not need the scholarship at all to go to this (ivy) college. So why am I wasting my time here?

Then she turned around, gathered her file and left the room.


Last we heard she was doing quite well, jetsetting between the US, China and Singapore for a leading global financial services firm.

She epitomized the 'typical' RGS girl, and that incident was forever seared into our memories.

Army (ie regimental life) and SAP education tend to do the opposite for the guys I know though.

Disclaimer: The events/persons (except for the external link) in this entry are totally fictional. Any resemblance to actual events/persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


On the other hand, this one is real. I think.

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