Sunday, January 29, 2006

That Singsoc CNY celebration

So in one of the rare occasions (in any given year), I turned up for the SSA Chinese New Year dinner gathering yesterday. Unlike hers, the SSA here is very open to foreigners joining in, so much so that a number of exco positions are held by FTs non-Singaporeans. But anyway, that is not the main point of this entry.

Because we hardly never hang out together, the event was good in that you get to see your fellow country folks. And most importantly, we could check out the Singaporean chiobus, which unfortunately I only saw 3 (in my opinion) out of ~20 in a room of about 80 people. They were taken already I think. (Many obviously don't hold the familiar red passport; there were Argentinians, French and Americans, as well as the regular Malaysians and Indonesians.)

This place is really like a monastery; amongst the grad students the sex ratio is even more skewed - there are only 2 Singaporean females in the entire university, even after counting in the popular (for females) majors like business/management and the biological sciences. To put things in perspective, there are 20+ Sg male grad students.

Extrapolating to the undergrad student body, the JC circle is again rather small.

Friend: I chose the wrong school to go to.

Me: Not so much wrong school, but wrong major.

Oh yeah, the food was passable. Although I could see people were more interested in eyeballing/checking out the girls rather than eating. Social intercourse at its best.


felinesaredivine said...

20 girls isn't that bad. just ask those CMU guys.

anyway, aren't you attached? why are u checking the girls out? *tsk* haha

takchek said...

I am not attached lah! Although I wish I am. Heh.

Quite tired of the unbalanced sex ratio.

agrainofsand said...

wah, good to be a girl there then!

L'oiseau rebelle said...

The gender ratio over here is highly skewed too, it's also about 1:3. Except that there are way more Singaporeans here, so in terms of absolute numbers there are more females.

However, it does not necessarily mean that it's good to be a girl here, since most Singaporeans are engineers and the following comic explains the rest: ;-)