Monday, January 16, 2006

Creative Giving at MIT; Korean visitors; Blogging Hiatus

Amongst US institutions of higher learning, MIT stands out for its creative use of the web to excite, educate and engage visitors, students and alums alike. From having a new daily spotlight on its main page to Opencourseware, now it has the MIT Fun(d) Challenge. A flash game that lets you play the role of a campus administrator and tries to persuade you to donate (real $$$) to the Institute at the same.

MIT Fun(d) Challenge

Tip: Ann Rata


To my Korean visitors,

I am curious. May I know the reason(s) behind the interest in Tracey Ho? With multiple visits from Postech, SNU, KAIST and Pusan to Northwestern, Purdue, Stanford and USC, I figure that something is going on. What is it?

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There will not be any updates on this blog for the next week (or so). The primary reason will be the arrival of a friend from afar.

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