Sunday, August 14, 2005

Foreign Good, Local Not-so-Good even if the Local one gives you money

An appropriate follow up to this and this.

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Unknown said...

Not sure about the academic developments there in Singapore, but I'm assuming the real reason behind students wanting to go abroad to study is pretty much "to become successful." Harsh as it sounds, many top universities here in the United States, as you can attest to, have top-notch facaulties, professors doing their research, being at the front-line of the future. This requires flexibility as well as a keen interest in the given subject area, something I don't think many education system there have. Now, I may be wrong as I have never study in a university in Singapore, so if I am, do shed some light. But I do know that the Asian way of doing things is different than the Western ways of doing things.

For example, I'm taking a class this summer of Modern Western Visual Culture and a guy had a difference of opinion. The lecturer said to the contrary, but stated, "everyone's entitled to their own opinion," and left it at that. Now I'm imagining that given the "normal" classroom setting over there, the teacher would be completely nerved by a contradicting statement made by a mere student and take it personaly that s/he would have a bad day after that. ^_^ So under that circumstance, if that situation is true, how would an institution progress when the leaders themselves close off the doors to different intellectual ideas as well as concepts?

But, might I also add that while thre are bad points about that, there's also good things that come of the Asian education system. For example, I once heard from an American man, here in the States that it's a great place as a training ground.

So yeah, from my humble, limited knowledge. :)