Friday, October 26, 2007

More on H

For the story background, read this. To say I am disappointed with her comments is a gross understatement.

Her *interesting* quotes (from our MSN conversation):

a. On how I am like in her mind:

When discussing about her views on marriage, I typed in wah lau.

H says: don't wah lau me leh... so bengish, so not you. I got the feel you are pretty cultured, refined and poised, don't prove me wrong ok?

b. On why I am still single:

H says:
high standards or only want to find after your studies when you have established your career? or worse not interested? But you seem quite eligible, maybe you don't target people but pple target you and you not keen? hehe

c. On my accent:

H says:
I am interested to hear you slang but not use singlish. (inserts mouth-zipping MSN icon)

tk says:
I don't speak with a slang. Sorry

H says:
oops, ok. Just kidding , no hard feelings.

A reader comments:

You attract all the high class wannabes...hokkien must be so uncouth in her mind..

It is a wonder she is not choosing some (rich) white guy to be her prospective husband. I also wonder what she thinks of Black and Latino slang. But the polite me just kept quiet.

Imagine if she knows the title of this blog. *Laughs sardonically*


L'oiseau rebelle said...

What's up with all these fun posts on your blog lately? Let's play the stereotyping game here! So, let's profile H... too many Hollywood movies, never been to America (or visited here briefly to shop and gamble in Vegas), and has absorbed too readily all the narratives that she has been told growing up. You know, everyone in America is white and speak with a frat-Hollywood slang! Dincha know? And the purpose of a woman's life is to get a rich man to buy (strike) a three carat diamond engagement ring for (/strike) her.

Stereotyping aside, i wonder how 'cultured' she is.

ashke said...

I guess the best you can say is that she knows what she wants.

Hey, I speak with a 'slang'! Will she find me eligible? LOL!

J said...

This may be a wild guess. But, am really curious. Is your initial WP on friendster and WB on Match? Cos the profile reads like your blog.

aglassofwine said...

eh, why are you still talking to her anyway?

daftbitch said...

Sounds very craiglists material to me.

And you got her off some dating website. Did you expect any eligible young women ( pretty humble , the works) would be lurking there? I don't think so.

But i don't get why they find the slang enticing... or to put another word to it , sexy. Damn, sometimes i even want to slap my own countrymen for asking me why i don't have a slang after stayin in US for very long, and they develop one in the five days they're there...