Wednesday, December 27, 2006

2007's Resolutions

1. Believe in love. It seems to be getting harder as one grows older. Especially in a circle like mine. The sex ratio has improved somewhat in one year, but you don't shit where you eat, do you?

Under the glow of the lamps, i sat beside a very young teenage couple - the girl was in her school uniform, she had bubble tea as well in her hand, an arm around her waist and a nose in her hair. In her bedroom, she probably have a photo of themselves, him looking down at her and she staring back at him, heart shaped objects flitting in the air above her head. Above his might have been question marks and a thought bubble that went 'yea right'. But that's the thing about first crushes, you don't question it at all. You don't second guess it. You don't doubt it. You don't get cynical about it. You don't tell yourself to take it slow. Basically, you don't bring baggage to it. You let it play out just the way you instinctively believe it must be done and live the regrets later. One might have sighed and smiled at that picture of puppy love, i'm sorry but i felt only revulsion and a touch of sadness.

Unfortunately we are no longer 18 (or 16?).

2. Outline the draft of my dissertation. Plenty of work remain undone, but it is good to set the broad direction of how I want my research to go.

3. Pass my Ph.D penultimate year review. I am expecting hell from one of my committee members.

4. Start networking with potential employers proper: company representatives and National Lab Lead Researchers. There are two conferences I will want to attend this coming year, and there is no better place (and time) to showcase my work.

Other news:

This is the season of getting hitched. I have 4 friends getting married this month, and I know of 4 more (so far) for next year. The army regulars seem to be doing well; with 2 of them expecting Major rank next year. Plus several others enrolled in MBA schools scattered around the Northeast.

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