Sunday, December 10, 2006

College education Grad School is expensive

I just checked my student invoice statement. Tuition and fees I incurred since my first year of the PhD program is ~US$100,000, and still counting rising.

That is more than twice the cost of my undergraduate education.

(Figures exclude miscellaneous expenses such as housing rent and food - the two most important out-of-lab costs for grad students.)

On the other hand, a sizable number of alumni (fresh PhD graduates) from this department made that amount with one year's of work in industry.


L'oiseau rebelle said...

Yeah, but you didn't pay a cent of that 100K.

Joseph said...

Is the rest of the years of grad sch paid for by your uni?

takchek said...

lr: Still, someone else did.

joseph: By my dept, and my advisor. Thankfully for Grad school, there's this thing called 'tuition waiver'.

sghousingblog said...

Hey you go to cornell ya! Recognized beebe lake! ANyway just like to say I find the stuff you write pretty cool. Do email me at if you want to. I might be dropping by ithaca some time soon. Good stuff!