Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Stinger against Blackhawks


I need one, no, several of them against blackhawks.

In summary - Now that I am quite far into Grad School, my folks are going to the extent of checking up on my research and telling/asking me to fit that into a*star/nus/ntu hiring. Amazing, isn't it?

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It should be obvious to all I have no intention of going back permanently. Why can't they see things from my perspective? Must it come to blows? And playing the filial piety card?


smazh said...

Wow, that's extreme...

My parents aren't too aware of what I'm doing in the lab, they just know what course I'm in.

With regards to not going back, guess you might have to spell it out clearly if you can't stand the continual hints from them.

ejl said...

my parents are/were the same, until i came straight out and told them that i was determined to stay on in london to work for at least a couple of years before i even contemplate going back to singapore.

i think i reasoned it out with them that it would be a lot better for my career prospects to have started out in london and then returning to asia, than to try and get a job in london 5 or 6 years down the line having started in singapore.

perhaps you should, like the above commentor has said, tell your parents your plans. if you leave some leeway by not excluding the possibility of returning to singapore in the distant future, i think most parents will accept the situation and respect their adult children's choices.