Sunday, November 05, 2006

Singapore is extremely welcoming if...

"you are highly educated, foreign, and white." - PJ.

Mirrors a discussion I had with a friend (He's a white American) several days ago. We were talking about academic job opportunities (ie faculty openings) and he was saying something about NUS (and A*star) luring some of the big names in a related field, and that they are actively recruiting here. And why he is considering a move there too and asking me more about the country.

"Seems like a good place to go to." He said. I tried hard to keep a straight face. I guess it will be for him. But not for me.

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Passerby A said...

Yes, "native" Singaporeans are the underclass now. Our government has given up trying to get the women to have more kids. It's time to embrace foreign talent.