Friday, March 17, 2006

SRP; PSC scholars' NSF disruptions

Science Research Programme to be included among H3 subjects
By Hasnita A Majid, Channel NewsAsia
17 March 2006

SINGAPORE : Starting this year, the Science Research Programme that some junior college students opt for will be included as part of Higher 3 subjects, which are similar to "S" papers.

This means that students can use their grades obtained in the programme to get advanced placement at the universities.

The Science Research Programme is meant for very capable students.

These students are involved in concentrated research and are mentored by practising mathematicians, scientists, engineers and medical researchers.

The National University of Singapore says it has decided to allow the programme as part of H3 subjects as it is a very intensive programme that meets the requirement of the Education Ministry syllabus.

Said Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, chairman, Science Research Programme, "It is rigorous and pitched at the undergraduate research level. And one of the philosophies behind H3 is that it must be in-depth studies and if possible there should be an integration of discipline, application of a lot of concepts into real situations. I think this SRP, which has existed for the past 18 years, fits the requirement very well."

Can't imagine I used to have such fond memories of those lab rat days. Wait, I am still one. Damn!

Will NTU's TERP be next?


18 Mar 2006
Why PSC exceptions are made
Letter from
Colonel Benedict Lim
Director, Public Affairs,
Ministry of Defence

Mrs Choo Lee See
Director, Public Service Commission

We refer to Mr Gary Lee's letter, "Why the need to favour PSC scholars?" (March 9).
Public Service Commission (PSC) scholars are given special consideration for disruption after serving six to 10 months of National Service (NS) to do their university studies, before returning to complete the remainder of their full-time NS.
Annually, only about 30 are granted such early disruptions.
This special consideration is given only for PSC scholarship holders as it is an important conduit for bringing key talent into the public service.

Not all talents are equal. 'nuff said.

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