Monday, March 27, 2006


There is something very wrong with this picture, and coupled with the wording of the cover story (on Chemical & Engineering News, Mar 20 edition) makes it funny.

Indian lab
Hint: Look at his hands and his clothing.

This is what C&EN had to say:

...In many of the photographs, the chemists pictured are not wearing protective eyewear that would be required in the U.S. C&EN does not condone this inattention to appropriate safety standards. However, C&EN, as a newsmagazine, has a responsibility to portray situations as they exist, not as we wish they might be.

Those of you who think lab safety is just a piece of annoying crap better read this.

善于泳者溺于水。How true!


Unknown said...

wow. reading that article, i realize that i'm lucky i'm still in good health. hehe. i remember as a kid there were some shiny, silvery thing on the floor in malaysia. i thought it was pretty and that it was some kind of jewel stuff. you know, those pretty beads kind. so i kept picking it up, but it turned out to be mercury. :/ hehe. yeah.

vivienne said...

Well, another classical example would also be Marie Curie as she lost her life due to exposure to radiation.

The sheer lack of respect for human life in local labs is truly appalling sometimes.

Merlion said...

Erh.... this is from a different perspective. The Chemist position has been outsourced to India, OSHA is laughing away. I dont think this picture will bother too many readers here. Hehehe.

KnightofPentacles said...

The "value" of human life depends on which part of the world you are in.

I have been inside Chinese PCB and plastics assembly factories where young women were being exposed to nasty toxic vapours as part of their routine work. And they are paid as little as U$3 per shift.