Sunday, June 15, 2008

'Allo Wolfpack! And some random walks...

Greetings from the Tar Heel State!

One of the most pressing issues facing mankind now. Also aptly the background theme of many presentations.


Nagging questions on my mind:

Is there any difference between chemical physics and physical chemistry?

What do you call someone dabbling simultaneously in research in physics, chemistry and biology?

Physical chemical biologist? Chemical Biophysicist? Biochemical physicist? Biophysical chemist?


I am leaning towards turning down the offer from Berkeley. I hope it is the right choice even though I have been given some time to think about it. Then there is an offer for me to go to NYU. Hmm...California or New York? Or neither?

Regardless of my choice, the path ahead is exciting. But the social life is extremely lacking / quite non-existent. Just got to know that my granny's friend is trying to matchmake introduce her granddaughter to me. I find it very funny. Is highly educated single guys a rare species? Why do I feel irritated during conference trips when my peers excused themselves to make calls to their spouses?


Anonymous said...

Sour grapes perhaps? Or just a completely humane reaction to be caught by?

aglassofwine said...

ooh, congrats on your offers! i'd go to berkley for the weather, the outdoors, and the wine. hehe, but that's just me. :)

k3\/ said...

Have you graduated from your PhD program? congrats.

Anyway, do you think that girls are particularly interested in highly educated guys? Or are they more interested in guys who make money?

In other words, do you think that the interest in the "rare species" of "highly educated single guys" (as described by takchek), is because of an increased tendency of such people to make big bucks ?