Thursday, June 28, 2007

The 'M' Bomb...

I never thought it would be played out in front of me. 2003 CBS's 60 Minutes interviewed 3 recent female graduates of the Harvard Business School about career women and infertility. They call it the H-bomb: “The H-bomb is basically, some guy turns to us and says, 'So what do you guys do?' And we're like, 'Oh, we're students.' Oh, great. Well, where?' 'Oh, we got to school in Boston.' 'Oh, great. Where in Boston?' 'Oh, in Cambridge.' 'Oh, where in Cambridge?' 'OK, Harvard Business School.' And as soon as you say Harvard Business School, or even Harvard, they turn around. I mean, that's the end of that conversation.”

It's the kiss of death. But Vartanian (one of the women) says that guys wouldn’t hide the fact that they go to Harvard Business School: “As soon as the guys say, 'Oh, I go to Harvard Business School,' all the girls start falling onto them.”

So I had lunch together with some of my new friends. And being the good friends they are, they also invited several others (all single pretty females, a rare sight in the company) to dine together with us.

Exchanging the usual pleasantries, we soon turned to our colleges. The girls were very vague about their alma maters - machiam like it is a stigma to be graduates from there.

Only later did I find out the school they attended. Stupid me - that's how they got to know one another well what!

One of them reminds me of an ex, along with the loads of unpleasant memories. Heh.

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