Friday, June 29, 2007

A harrowing experience

On my way home today, I blew one of my rear wheel tires on the highway while going at 90 mph. The cause was a stupid nail on the road.

Am still in a mild state of shock - to see everything flash you by. For a while I thought I would be going in a flash too.

BANG! and the car started to jerk and swerve violently. I was lucky that the cars behind weren't tailgating.


Justina said...

Just curious, how do you know it's a nail?

my tire blew out twice before on the highway too, and it was completely shredded.

First time, I thought someone shot my tire, cause it sounded like a gunshot. Or maybe it really was a gunshot. Who knows :P

Second time, we were stuck at the middle barrier of the highway. Highway patrol had to stop traffic just for us, so we could drive over to the right side of the road and call a tow truck. He did it by reversing some distance, then started driving zig-zag across the highway!

Glad to know you're alright tho. It's not exactly something I would want to experience again!

takchek said...

There was this huge nail sticking out of the shredded tire. Lodged deeply into rubber and touching the rim.