Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Network

I found out that ScHoLaR's direct supervisor was my BMT platoon mate. (No surprise, I was expecting something like this to happen.) Those who are still wearing (military) uniforms are now 'crabs'.


My supervisor's supervisor is a fellow alum (Grad School, not the JC one like above). If you count in the alumni from my undergrad college, the numbers go up. Like the guy occupying the next cubicle from mine is a also (an animal, pun unintended).

But my numbers pale in comparison to the Wolverines, while the Sun Devils seem to have home ground advantage.


The folks I went to Vegas with couldn't believe I am still single.

"You must be very choosey," despite my protests to the contrary. They first tsked me, then offered to introduce their (single, female) friends to me.

On the other hand, I have no idea why 3 married guys with young kids would want to go to the Sin City to have fun without their families accompanying. Not that I mind. :)


I asked my folks (and my sis) if they would like me to forward them my recently published paper in a reputable academic journal.

They politely declined. The title alone was enough to turn them off.

"Wah, so long one ah." my mum complained.

A friend told me that in order to generate (layman) interest, I have to use as few scientific acronyms and mathematical equations as possible. Plus nice-looking and easy to understand figures and tables.

How many of you readers automatically understand terms like SPM, XPS, XRD, SEM, FE-TEM, NMR, TOF-SIMS, FTIR and CSAM?

He suggested I do something like this in future.

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Elia Diodati said...

I bet there aren't that many people out that who know what SA3-CASPT3(4/3)/aug-cc-pVDZ or RKS-BLYP/6-31+G** means either. Heh.